Herbal Eczema Treatment

for children


Our approach for child eczema focuses on balancing the body system from inside, and controlling the symptoms from outside to manage the eczema.*

Success Story

My 2yr old son had excema covering his entire body and after about 2 weeks it entirely cleared up. It was a miracle!**
Gina, from Blandon, PA

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Merry Clinic Eczema Treatment Plan:

1. Healing from inside: Take Kid's DermaCalm syrup or the EcDermaid Capsule to cleanse the toxins from your child's body. These products also help improve your child's immune system to support and maintain the healthy skin. *

2. Control from outside: Use our natural EcDermaid spray to control the skin inflammations and relieve existing skin rashes on your child. It is designed for ultra sensitive skin and provides fast, gentle relief. *

3. Dead Sea Salt Bath (optional): Restore minerals to your child's skin. It can help heal damaged skin barriers caused by eczema or improper topical medication. *

4. Food Limitation: To avoid further aggravating your eczema, your child needs to eliminate certain foods which might generate toxins inside the body. These foods include seafood, eggs, milk, mango, pineapple, citrus, peanuts, tomato.

5. Safety: This product is made of natural herbs. There are no known side effects for children or adults. However, a very few children might be allergic to some of the ingredients, much like they could be allergic to certain food. Overall, this is a very safe treatment for children. *

Treatment Products

Kids DermaCalm
Recommended for children under 4 yrs old.
Kid's DermaCalm is an Alcohol free herbal syrup specially designed for children's eczema or dermatitis. It is made of 100% Chinese herbal medicine. This special kid's formula helps clean the toxins inside the body to control the skin inflammation, and clear up the symptoms associated with eczema/dermatitis from the root. *
Ecdermaid Capsule
Recommended for children between 4 to 12yrs old with moderate to severe eczema
EcDermaid Capsule is an herbal treatment for eczema and dermatitis in Children and adults. This unique herbal formula is specially designed for moderate to severe eczema. It is made of 100% Chinese herbal medicine. *

Topical Solutions:

EcDermaid Body and Facial Spray for rashes, dry patches or rough skin on the body, face and scalp. Price $22
EcDermaid Hand/Foot Cream for rashes, cracks on the hands or feet. Recommended for children over 6yrs old. Price $22
Herbal Bath packet for oozing or infection on the body, face, hand or feet. Price $25
Dead Sea Bath Salt for dryness, itching or mild rashes on the body. Price $17
Dead Sea Mineral Soap  for sensitive and itchy skin. Price $8

Eczema Treatment Testimonials

I was itching all over my body and I have been using the medication from the doctor give me the medication for about two to three years, but I look up online for a certain medication which is called Ecdermaid. I have been using since 4 days and have not been feeling to itching or scratching at all. I feel like this product really works. **

Kusumo, from Norwalk, CA, Oct 2010

I would just like to share with you about my daughter's atopic dermatitis; her hair was falling out in clumps until her whole side of her head was completely bald so I contacted Dr. Li and she instructed her to use Therapeutic Shampoo, Psoriaid scalp oil and EcDermaid Capsule. Within a day the scales on her head started falling off and month later her hair is growing back. I want you all to know she has been suffering with this condition since she was born 25 years ago and these are the first products after years of taking prescription toxic medications that have worked. Thank you so much Dr. Li and if I was close to you I'd give you a big hug!! **

Mary, from Kansas, Sept 2010

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Free Samples:

You may request a sample for a 2-3 days supply the EcDermaid Capsule to be sure that your child is not allergic to any of the ingredients and can tolerate the taste of Chinese herbs. The cost for shipping and handling will be $4.99.

*At this time we do not offer samples for Kid's DermaCalm products.



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