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Our Approach to deal with Psoriasis

Skin inflammation is a sign that toxins are inside your body. It appears externally because your skin is the largest and only visible organ. In the case of serious skin problems, external treatment with a cream is not sufficient. The better approach is to detoxify your body because it then expels the toxins from inside and prevents the problems from recurring.

The Psoriaid Herbal Tablet was designed by Dr. Li for all types of psoriasis. This alternative herbal psoriasis treatment has been used in her clinic for over 15 years. The formula contains 13 natural herbs which act together to detoxify the body's system to control the skin inflammation and balance the immune system to prevent lesions from appearing. *

The Psoriaid Herbal Tablet is a safe and effective herbal psoriasis remedy. There are no known side effects and it is made in USA by a GMP certified factory. *

Testimonials from our patients

After taking this product my skin is clearing up better than I've ever seen it. should I keep taking the pills even if it's cleared up all the way? I started taking 5 pills twice a day and now I take 3 pills in the morning and 2 pills at night.... **

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Consultation with Dr. Li

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Merry Clinic Psoriasis Treatment Plan:

Our natural psoraisis treatment plan focuses on balancing your body system from inside, and controlling the symptoms from outside to manage your psoriasis.

1. Healing from inside: Take Psoriaid Tablets to clean the toxins inside your body to relieve your psoriasis. It also helps balance your immune system to prevent the lesions from coming back.

2. Control from outside: Use our natural Psoriaid cream or oil to control your skin inflammation and clear up your existing psoriasis lesion. Dead Sea Salt Bath (optional) also helps to restore minerals to your skin. It can help heal damaged skin barrier caused by psoriasis or improper topical treatment.

3. Diet restriction: To avoid further aggravating your psoriasis, you need to eliminate certain foods which might generate toxins inside your body. These foods include: alcohol, coffee, spicy food, shellfish, tropical fruit (mango, pineapple), red meats, nuts, dairy and gluten.

4. Stress management: Try to reduce your stress level by doing exercise; getting enough sleep, etc.

5. Maintenance:  Take Merry Clinic Skin-Detox formula as needed to supply necessary nutrients to support and maintain your skin health.

Treatment Products

Psoriaid Tablet
Psoriaid Cream
Psoriaid Scalp Oil


$39 when buy 3

$36 when buy 6

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Psoriasis Treatment Packages

To achieve the best results from our psoriasis treatment, our doctor suggests that new patients use Psoriaid tablets for the first two months. Here, we provide you with the following three special packages:

Package P1: Three bottles of Psoriaid tablets with a free bottle of (2oz) Psoriaid cream

Price: $126       ADD TO CART

Package P2: Three bottles of Psoriaid tablets with a free bottle of Psoriaid scalp oil.

Price: $126        ADD TO CART

Supplemental Products

Skin Detox Formula
Arthraid Capsule
Herbal Bath Packets
Dead Sea Salt
Mineral Soap
Therapeutic Shampoo
$25 $17 $8 $22

Return Policy

If for any reason you decide to discontinue taking the Psoriaid tablets, simply return the unopened bottles within 45 days of purchase. You will be refunded the cost of the unopened bottles. Shipping and handling charges cannot be refunded. For more detail, please go to return policy.

Understanding Psoriasis and the Available Treatment Options

Psoriasis, which is marked by a red, scaly rash, affects over three million people in the United States each year. For many, the dry, itchy patches are not only unsightly and embarrassing, they can also have a significant impact on their daily lives. In order to understand the condition and psoriasis treatment that can make a real difference, you need to understand what it really is and what causes it.

The Cause of Psoriasis

The actual cause of psoriasis is not known, but the condition occurs due to the skin cells growing up to five times faster than normal, healthy cells. This overgrowth results in the older cells simply piling up on the skin rather than sloughing off as they normally would.
The causes of psoriasis are based in your immune system and potentially even your genes. Those who have psoriasis often have genes that work to control the immune system that don’t function properly. In a healthy immune system that functions properly, cells that are considered invaders are attacked within the body to prevent them from spreading, such as what happens when you have an infection. However, with psoriasis, the immune system actually causes the skin cells to go into overdrive, resulting in inflammation and the patchy skin rash that is the hallmark of psoriasis.

Psoriasis Flare-Ups

Many people can go periods of time where they have no issues with their psoriasis, then something occurs that makes it flare up again. These flare-ups are often caused by triggers. These triggers can range from something as simple as a bug bite or scratching something too much to infections such as strep and even hormone fluctuations. Still others may be the result of certain medications, such as those used for heart problems, high blood pressure and mental illnesses.

Psoriasis Treatments

There are many different options available for psoriasis treatment. While most are only available with a prescription, it is important to understand your options when it comes to treating this disease.
There are a few different types of medications that are used to treat psoriasis symptoms. These include:

  • Biologic Medications – Biologic medications are typically for those with psoriasis that is considered moderate to severe. These drugs, which are given via an IV (intravenous infusion) or injection are created using proteins. The drugs are designed to target only specific areas of the immune system to reduce inflammation. While biologic medications can be beneficial, those with compromised immune systems and active infections cannot use them. Additionally, use of the drugs can also increase the chances of additional infections and even cancers in some patients.
  • Systemic Medications – Systemic medications are used more frequently than biologics. These medications work throughout the body rather than just within the immune system to bring relief from the symptoms of psoriasis. These options are administered in liquid or pill forms and are typically prescribed to those who have not seen relief from other psoriasis treatment.

Topical Treatments

The most common treatment options for psoriasis are applied to the skin. These drugs provide relief from the itching and scaling that occurs during a flare-up, without causing the effects that can result from systemic or biologic medications. Common topical treatments include:

  • Steroids – Steroid creams are the most popular option used for psoriasis treatment. These creams help to relieve the itching and inflammation, and help to slow or stop the over-production of the cells that occur during flare-ups. There are varying strengths, with the more powerful options increasing the risk of dryness, burning, irritation and in some cases, thinning skin.
  • Salicylic Acid – Salicylic acid helps to ease the patchiness and redness by causing the skin to shed the scales from psoriasis more quickly. This type of cream, however, is not recommended over large parts of the body due to the potential for too much of the medication be absorbed into the body.
  • Calcipotriene – Topicals containing calcipotriene, which is from the vitamin-D family, are effective for some patients when they use it with a steroid cream. However, this medication is also not recommended for use over large areas of the body.

Psoriasis Herbal Treatment

Another option is natural herbal treatment for psoriasis. Merry Clinic’s approach to treating psoriasis focuses on the toxins inside the body that cause the flare-ups. These all-natural herbal treatments do not require a prescription, and have been shown to be quite effective for easing the symptoms of psoriasis without the unwanted side effects and dangers seen with prescription medications. By clearing the internal systems to eliminate toxins, many people find that their psoriasis becomes easier to control and less likely to result in flare-ups.


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