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Before Eczema Treatment
Before Eczema Treatment
Before Eczema Treatment
Before Eczema Treatment

This is the before and after picture after one month of using the EcDermaid.*

K.  Apr. 2017

Before Eczema Treatment
Oct, 2013
After Eczema treatment
Oct, 2014

My son, at 3 months old, broke out with severe eczema from head to toe. The only clear spot on his body was his diaper area. We tried multiple Dr's & each one would prescribe the same thing... steroids, steroids & even stronger steroids. We would try them & he would clear up beautifully but as soon as we would take him off of them, he would break out just as bad or worse then before. Finally, they said our only option was to put him on a low dose oral steroid until "he grew out of it". As you can imagine, this concerned my husband & I greatly. So, with much prayer & research, we set out to heal his eczema naturally. We started giving him probiotics, went gluten/egg/dairy/nut free diet & lots of different lotions. He improved some but was still very miserable. We finally started giving him Merry Clinics herbs for eczema. It definitely wasn't an instant fix like steroids, it did take time, but unlike the steroids, the results lasted!! I'm so thankful God led us to using The Merry Clinic's products!!*

Sherri.  July. 2015

Before Eczema Treatment
After Eczema treatment

Dear Dr. Li,

It has been a month now that I have been using your suggested products as well as the restricted diet. I have uploaded a picture so that you can see the results. The red rashes are completely gone. The only symptom I feel is just a little dryness around my lips. Please let me know if there is anything else I should do and thank you for all of your help with my medical situation! *

Jacqueline.  Aug. 2015

Before Eczema Treatment
After Eczema treatment

Dear Dr. Merry Li, Hello & How are You!!!

I am providing a current photo of my knee. It is looking so much better now. I am still taking 3 Skin Detox capsules and 6 EcDermaid capsules two times a day (morning and evening). The last time we communicated via email you adjusted this down from the original 3 Skin Detox capsules and 8 EcDermaid capsules two times a day.

I have been eating some foods occasionally that I should not be eating like bread but only every now and then - not to the extreme. I have not eaten any cereal grains at all which I find aggravate the eczema considerably!

My eczema seems to be taking some time to resolve b/c after I thought about it - I believe that I have had it for well over 10 years. However, it first it was became present as a small minimal area and after time it spread to a larger localized area across my left knee. When I first came across you on the internet in March of this year I was really wondering if your herbs would help my condition. I tried so many things on it but nothing really made a difference. I am so happy that I made the step to inquire about this with you Dr. Merry!!! I cannot thank you enough!!!*

Leslie.  Aug. 2015

Before Eczema Treatment
After Eczema treatment

All I know is that without the EcDermaid capsules I would have no hand eczema gets so bad that I can't do anything!  Thank you so very life is impossible without you! It was almost two years ago since my hand had flared up after just four bottles of EcDermaid. I had the infection for two and a half years and was miserable......I have and will continue to tell people about you because what I went through is unbearable so I like to help those who is going through the same thing. I hope I was able to download my pictures on here so far I've taken one bottle this time its so wonderful...thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping all of us who have this awful situation. *

Maria.  Nov. 2013

Dear Dr Li! My daughter, now 10 years old, had eczema from the birth. On her whole body, even around the eyes. During these years we tried different treatments, even the steroids. But it was no effective. She was scratching a lot, couldn't sleep at night. It was horrible, everyone with eczema knows what I'm talking about. And some day I found your website. I started with Ecdermaid capsules and spray. After 2 months I saw small progress, but I still continued. And finally after 6 months my daughter has beautiful clear skin, non dry, non irritation. So it took time, but works. Herbs need time to work. I also see improvement in her digestion and her sinuses are clear now. I highly recommend that kind of treatment, just be patient. Thank you Dr Merry. *

Kat, May. 2018

My grandson Ryan who is now 6 years old had severe eczema to the point where he had to go to the emergency room to get steroid shots. Nothing seemed to help him over the counter nor anything prescibed by the doctor. My daughter was always upset and ofcourse ached for her son who was constantly suffering. I am a strong believer in herbal remedies and I found the Merry Clinic web site. I ordered the capsules, shampoo, bath soaking powder, and topical cream. Ryan has not been to the doctor once since he has been on the Merry Clinic products! He calls it his Mimi medicine (after grandma)!! This has been for 2 years now! I'm so happy that he is not suffering anymore! God bless you Merry Clinic for your wonderful products! *

Karen, Oct. 2014

Have had eczema for most of my life, it would come and go.I have been to dermatologists who would give me prescriptions with steroids and they sometimes helped but never cured and never completely went away. I ordered the foot and hand creme and in one application I already saw a difference. Three days later it is gone from my fingers and almost gone from my feet. The reason I ordered this is to try first and if I had success I'd order it for my five year old granddaughter. Well I am definetly ordering it for her and I am hoping she will have the same results,right now we are sending her to a salt room to avoid using steroids on her skin and taking oral meds. Thank- you *

Peggy, Sept. 2014

I became afflicted with very severe eczema rashes on my back, arms, hand, legs and torso at the age of 69. The ER Doctor and my Dermatologist would only prescribe pharmaceutical drugs and ointments to relieve the symptoms. I was looking for a drug-free, pharmaceutical-free alternative that could heal me as well as relieve my eczema symptoms. Three months of using Dr. Merry Li's herbal and naturopathic formulas actually work and have brought me much relief and healing. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Li prescribing herbals and naturopathic medicines that heal me of eczema. Thank you Dr. Li. *

Kenneth, Aug. 2014

I was growing weary with using steroids on my seven year old. I just felt they were making his eczema worse and it had to be a solution. I googled "cure for eczema" and found merry clinic. I am so blessed to have found a all natural product that won't harm my son. In weeks I could see a difference and finally I am hopeful. Anyone who has experienced dealing with eczema will understand how frustrating it is to find something that works. I thank GOd for you doctor! *

Markia, July. 2014

Hi Dr. Merry Li, I just want to thank you so very much for helping my daughter with her eczema Problems. She is doing so well! It is amazing! In the second Container of EcDermaid,her skin is almost normal. She is taking it every day,we are both very happy! with this natural medicine, she was suffering to much!We did not know what to do. Until last week her her neck and shoulders looked so bad.But now thanks to God and you she is doing very well! I would like to know if, if is possible for how long she has to take the EcDermaid? Thanks again. May God bless you and your wonderful work in helping others!

Dilma, May. 2014

My baby have severe eczema since she was two months old. It was so bad to the point I had to stayed up all night long watching her, afraid that she'll scratch her face and bleed. I can't stand to see her suffered so I was always online trying to find a cure. Finally, I found I immediately email Dr. Merry with pictures and describe my daughters conditions and took it from there. After two months of treatment with Kids Dermcalm, she's now 70% better.

Hong, May. 2014

I have had Eczama on my feet for 8 years and I tried everything. Merry Clinic products work so well for me! It cleaned up from inside in about a month and it did so well...not more itchy, cracky feet..and sore feet as well.. Thank you, Merry Clinic

Isabella; May. 2014

My child is 3 years old and we had tried everything we could think of to help keep her Eczema under control. When i heard about Merry Clinic has something made just for kids to help it. I logged in and placed my order. My childs skin has cleared up, looks great, and is really soft. She no longer has to put steriods on to keep it under control.I would recommend this to all parents that their clild has Eczema. It does really work.

Retha, Apr. 2014

I had eczema for several years. when I get stress I scratch all over my body and my arms and back bleed . I saw my dermatologist, Allergy specialist I used different kinds of steroid creams it didn't help . One day I search Google I saw Merry Clinic site I thought just try . I wrote to Dr Li and she replied me right away I Followed what ever she said and it helped me tremendously.with in 3 days I saw the results , my skin sores start healing and skin become more healthy. today it is the 15 th day am using this product I talk to many of my friends . Thanks

Saramma; Mar. 2014

I suffered from seborrheic dermatitis on my face for about 30 years. I was seen by dermatologists throughout the years and was told that there was no cure and that they could only treat the symptoms with steroid or antifungal creams. Even with these treatment, my symptoms persisted. Finally, I discovered Dr. Li's website and tried Ecdermaid capsules. I noticed improvement within the first few weeks and continued to take the herbs for a total of 6 months at which time my skin was completely clear. This was several years ago, and the condition has never returned. Thank you Dr. Li for curing my seborrheic dermatitis with your amazing products.

Cynthiia; Mar. 2014

I have been suffering with eczema for 12 years surfing the web i came up to merry clinic got me a bottle of EcDermaid 4000 mg 150 capsules for eczema followed instruction on the bottle. After 1 week not much relief. The 2nd week the itching was going away. The 3rd week my arms and other parts of my body were healing. 4th week it was all cleared up. What a great product will still have to take it for a while.but for the small amount of money for the product it is worth it.Thank You Merry Clinic.

Andrew.  Feb. 2014

My daughter had Eczema since she was baby. I have tried almost every available cream and medicine for her but it never went away completely. Sometimes it was better sometimes it was worse. One day I saw merry clinic's advert on website for Eczema. I decided to have a try for my daughter. After two months taking the EcDermaid Capsule, I can tell it has improved a lot. I will definitely recommend this medicine. I grow up in China and I alway have faith in Chinese medicine.

Wenyu.  Jan. 2014

I been suffering with eczema for at least 8 years. I tried everything to get rid of the itching and dry skin nothing worked. So I search on the internet for solution. MerryClinic came up behold cure for Eczema and dry skin. I used it as it said on the label first week did not see much relieve in the begining of the 2nd week behold the itching was starting to go away but the dry skin was still there. The 3rd week felt much better no dry skin no itching. What a relieve! what a great product! I will continue to buy this until all my ECZEMA is gone for good. Thank You MerryClinic for a great product...

Andrew.  Jan. 2014

Both of my boys has had issues with eczema. I reached out to Dr. Merry Li of the Merry Clinic regarding her recommendations for them. In less than 24 hours I received a response with a recommended regimen and I have to tell you that it has helped tremendously. No longer were they itching like they used to and the dry areas on their skin cleared up. I would definitely recommend these products for use with your child's eczema. Thank you Merry Clinic.

Ranelli.  Nov. 2013

I purchased two bottles of EcDermaid capsule with the body spray and saw definite improvement in my moderate condition. The breakouts (red patches on my back, arms, and thighs) diminished to almost nothing. The darker dry patches from previous outbreaks got lighter and smoother. I also was mindful of not eating anything that can contribute to flares and understand that diet must be consistently managed. I found it easiest to take the first dose in the morning before work and the last dose in the evening. I am purchasing a second round to reinforce the progress. In my opinion, Dr. Li's natural remedy is so much more effective than the steroid creams and oils. My experience with topical treatments is the breakouts would return as soon as I stopped using them. I prefer natural supplements and do not regret the investment in Merry Clinic products!

Ellen.  Nov. 2013

I am a 1st time user of this product for my eczema. And it WORKS my skin is clearing up, I had severe case of eczema and within the 1st week it was getting better. I am a truly satisfied customer and will continue to use Merry Clinic products. Thank you.

Michelle.  Sept. 2013

I have been taking EcDermaid Capsules, 8 twice daily, for three weeks now. And have they helped my eczema? Yes, so much, it is incredible. I am 64 years old and had my first experience with eczema in Feb., 2013. I looked for advice all over the internet and one day Merry Clinic came up in my web search. I can say this is one of the best products I have used. My doctor gave me a steroid cream to use, but one tube cost over $25.00 and it only worked on the outside, my doctor never said a word to me about detoxing the inside of my body. Since taking the EcDermaid, I have clear about 80%. I also take the Skin Detox, and use the face and body spray. I would recommend all three products. This time I also ordered the Anti-Aging Capsules and cannot wait to try them either. If you have any kind of skin disorder try Merry Clinic products. You can consult with the doctors on the internet, they will tell you the best system to use for your problem. Good Luck and Thank you Merry Clinic. Betty, Charlotte, NC

Betty.  Aug. 2013

For four years I have had dyshidrotic eczema and could not get ANY relief except when I could get a shot of prednisone or the pills. We all know that you can't continue with that bad stuff! Anyway, I followed every lead I could find. I went to two dermatologists from St. Louis. One put me on Collect ( I believe that was for transplants, which I had none) and after 6 months or so, I saw another dr. who put me on soritiane. This medication has horrible side affects. Anyone that has been on it knows this. I was on this for a year, still, my hands would split open, my poor feet split with cracks sometimes an inch long. I hated to stand up knowing that they would crack even more. Needless to say I walked on band aids with Vaseline. I think I should own the bandaid company. Finally, I decided not to take the soritiane any longer. Looked on the Internet for ANYONE that had delt with this stuff that maybe had an answer. This is how I found DR. LI and MERRY CLINIC. I emailed her telling her how sceptical about this treatment. I even sent her pictures of how bad my feet were. She thought the treatment could help. You know what??? She was absolutely right!! I am not totally clear yet but well on the way! If anyone out there reads this and has this eczema, PLEASE, PLEASE give this a try. My husband and I are amazed what this has done. I am doing so well that I am canning tomatoes without using gloves and my hands are fine. THANK YOU DR LI!! 

Brenda.  July. 2013

My daughter is six years old. My little girl had been going through torture five years plus. Her skin used to itch and bleed and I would always promise relief. She would scream as if something was biting her skin and say "nothing will ever make t better" It broke my heart we tried everything, everything!!! We even tried homeopathy, with no success. We were going to try accupunture but my schedule would not allow it. I luckily came upon the Merry Clinic. We have been giving my little girl dermacalm for the pass six months or so, it is all cleared up. She no longer screams or remembers the eczema. I will continue this product for another two years or so.

Lyne.  July. 2013

Dear Dr. Li, I have followed your advice and can report to you that my eczema appears  to have cleared. My skin is clear and has returned to its healthy colour  and smoothness. In keeping with your advice to me, I am continuing to  use the Skin Detox twice daily. I look forward to having a clear skin  indefinitely - preferably for the rest of my life. At age 86, who knows  how long this will be....

Barbara.  June. 2013

I had a severe case of eczema on both arms & after taking these products for a couple of months, it cleared up. Healing truly does occur from the inside out. Thx. for your help.

Tony. May. 2013

Hello I am a 60 year old man. I first encountered eczema when I entered my 40's i didn't know what it was at first so I was just using all these creams to combat it, even medications with hormones for years. One day I was online looking for something and it dawned on me to check for a cure online then I found Merry Clinic....THANK GOD for Merry Clinic, my symptoms began to disappear in just 2 months now I will not stop using this wonderful product. Thank You Merry Clinic..

Melvin.  May. 2013

My Excema developed out of the blue about 9 months ago on the back of my hands, wrist and elbows. After getting useless creams and ointments from a dermatologist and my regular doctor, I was at a loss of what to do. Praise God I came across your website while searching for help on line. I took a chance and ordered the pills. After only 2 weeks of taking the Ecdermaid pills my skin is clearing up, the itching is gone, and the normal pink color is returning. What a blessing. Thank you!!!

Perry.  Apr. 2013

Our prayers have been answered through god's grace we were directed to this website and for the first time in months our baby had a sound sleep without waking to scratch. I used Ecdermaid since I am exclusively nursing and we also gave our 10 month old son kids dermacalm. We also used the ecdermaid herbal spray.

Neb.  Mar. 2013

I am a mother of 3 young girls and a busy housewife. Needless to say I need to use my hands for everything everyday, but I was diagnosed with dyshidrotic eczema last year; it is also associated as pompholyx. The bubbles under my skin that are so itchy and I can\'t help but stare at them and pop them all! It takes all my strength not to do that. Anyways, I was prescribed clobetasol propionate, which is a strong topical steroid and it helped but the symptoms would return; plus the side effects of thinning skin were not good, and I am afraid long term use would affect the use of my hands in the long run. I have had eczema all my life, on and off, and there was a long period after college where it subsided for a long time. Last year was when I broke out with the dys. eczema. I've tried the apple cider vinegar, went to a Chinese herbal doctor, clobetasol and I've changed my diet. They didn't provide long term relief or solution. I prayed to God and found Merry clinic on the web and decided to try after reading all the testimonials because I can relate (open wounds, really dry skin, itchiness). I was very skeptical and scared to spend money I don't have on something I am just hoping and guessing will work... within one week of use, I noticed a great difference. HUGE DIFFERENCE! My skin was healing using the Ecdermaid capsules. I continue to use it and feel soooo much better knowing I don't have to use steroids on myself. Also want to mention that Dr. Li answered my email consultation within the same day. How sweet is that?! Thank you so much Dr. Li! Best regards, Maricel

Maricel.  Mar. 2013

I gave birth to my first child and developed my eczema, with all the bottle washing my hands were so dry they were painful and cracking. After much frustration and research, I came across the website for the Merry Clinic. I read the success stories and the idea behind eczema being from the inside out. I ordered the ecdermaid pills and saw relief in the first, as well as followed the recommendations for diet changes I feel that this the only thing that has helped. Doctors keep recommending creams with no long term relief. Thank you merry clinic for giving me relief and allowing me to use my hands again.

Tara.  Feb. 2013

Hi, Dr Li, I'm so thankfull that I find this wonderfull products that you offer for people who like me who suffer atopic dermatitis on my hands.I've had it for more than five years, I feel much more relieved. Now I am into my second month and I feel much better, not cured but way better, I thank God, that I have a possible solution to my problem. Im sooo happy. I totally recomend these products.

Betsy.  Feb. 2013

I ordered the syrup for eczuma Mid December 2012 for my 2 year old Grandson and sent my daughter the advice of watching his diet as well and she just wrote me 2/1/2013 and said that 90% of the eczuma is gone in just under 3 weeks time and the syrup works way better than any creams her doctor has prescribed in the past. I will continue to buy this for him as long as needed and will definately network with the intention of letting everyone i know about your products. Thank You.

Christine.  Feb. 2013

well, I'm back and happy to say that my sons leg is almost completly cleared up. I'm going to need one more bottle since we shared the last one. I had a small break out but sure enough its gone. I'm so happy that these herbs are available. Hopefully you will continue forever to have these available. thank you...

Maria. Jan 2013

I am 63 yrs old, and have had eczema all of my life,with varying degrees of severity. It has been terrible at times, very embarrassing and uncomfortable. After taking the (2) herbal supplements for 6 weeks, I am not itching and my skin is healing. It's almost too good to be true. I am very grateful for these products.. Thank You!

Roxanne. Dec 2012

My 7 years old son has eczema since he was 3 months old. One day, I was searching for natural remedies for eczema and came across this web site and Read some promising results!! Hoped and prayed that this would help my son, too. Ordered it, now after a month of taking the EcDermaid capsules, using the EcDermaid body and face spray and using the soap. Have seen remarkable results. Getting ready order some more capsules!! My son's skin is looking better, have noticed decreased itching during the day and night! Will keep using until it all goes away. Highly recommended!!!

Ali. Dec 2012

Thank you Dr. Li for treating my 7-month old daughter. She used the eczema spray for one week and her skin began to heal immediately! Her skin is now smooth and under control. She also uses the mineral soap and her redness is minimized. Thank you Dr. Li again!

Vina. Dec 2012

well, ecdermaid cured my hand, but now my son has what I had so I'm going to be getting him the same thing. I was really sad to see that he got it, but thank the Lord I found Merry Clinic because I know how to get rid of that bad infection. When I see other people suffering like me I never hesitate to give them the website. I actually ran to a lady one day in the streets with a similar infection and gave her the website. I will be getting some pictures on here as soon as I can. thank you so much I had my infection two years before I took the ecdermaid.

Maria. Dec 2012

I suddenly developed eczema 3 weeks ago and it is one of the worst skin problems I've ever had. I tried the obligatory hydrocortisone creams and Benadryl with little effect. I couldn't sleep and my skin became so ugly, red, inflamed, bruised and sore from scratching. I spent my sleepless nights researching this ailment and came upon Dr. Merry Li's site and read the testimonials. I requested an online consultation and sent pictures to Dr. Li. She responded so quickly and confirmed it to be eczema. I immediately ordered the herbal supplements, cream and spray. It's been over a week now and I have seen improvement to the redness and exacerbations. I'm itching a bit less with the creams and spray helping. I know it will take a few months for significant improvement and am looking forward to that and also being able to wear short sleeves again!

Judy. Dec 2012


Virginia. Oct 2012

I have a 7 years old boy who has been struggling with Atopic Dermatitis for three years. During his sleeps he continuously scratching his body. One week after he started taking EcDermaid Capsule he stopped scratching. And, when he finished a bottle of EcDermaid Capsule, his skin condition became much better. It really works for my son. 

Tomoko. Sept 2012

I am so grateful for Dr. Merry's eczema products! I highly recommend the Kid's DermaCalm and the EcDermaid Body & Face Spray to mothers looking for a natural remedy for infant/kids eczema. I tried all that was recommended by my friends...these creams, lotions, and baths that worked for the kids in their lives. Unfortunately, they all did not work on my daughter. Her symptoms started when she was four weeks old. Her pediatrician prescribed the customary steroid cream. I held out on using it until my daughter was eight weeks old. After about a week, her skin was nice and clear so I stopped and as a results, her symptoms returned. I refused to keep applying that the steroid cream since I thought it was not good for her liver. I continued to try everything else but her eczema was getting worse to the point where it was weeping open wounds and she was scratching constantly. At her 6-month check up, doctor advised that the only thing that will work is the steroid cream. I thought otherwise... there had to be something natural that would work. I applied the antibiotic cream and she took oral antibiotic which was necessary since the wounds were infected. I filled the steroid cream prescription again but still have it unopened in a drawer somewhere. When summer rolled around that is when I decided to take another look online in my search for eczema treatment and that is when I found Dr. Merry's eczema treatment for kids! I did not know if it would work but I was willing to try it. By taking a look at all the testimonials, i got the feeling that it seemed to work for many people and it may work for my infant who was 7 months at the time. I was a bit concerned that the Kid's DermaCalm was taken orally but still tried it. Started her on .75 ml. She's always been average in weight and height. The spray was beneficial as it dried up the open wounds and aided in the healing of them. I have gotten another set to continue to manage her eczema symptoms. Her worst areas are healed up. She has occasional flare ups but as I continue her natural treatment a couple times a day, everyday, she looks great and she's itching a whole lot less. I have been getting so many compliments on her complexion these days as all who have seen her in the past have seen her as "poor thing." But these days, the redness on her face, creases of arms and legs are cleared up thanks to the Merry Clinic--what a God-send! In a nutshell, I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THE KID'S DERMACALM AND THE ECDERMAID BODY & FACE SPRAY TO MOTHERS LOOKING FOR A HEALTHY NATURAL TREATMENT THAT WORKS ON INFANT/KIDS ECZEMA. Can you tell that I love this product?!?! I am so grateful to have found it when I did. Had I not found this wonderful product that works, I would still be stressing about my infant's eczema, wasting money on everything else that in the end, did not work. Thank you, Dr. Merry! I am considering the other products as well...acne, hair loss, and women's health. Natural remedies are the only way to go in this day and age of pharmaceuticals (yikes!) That's a whole another long story.

Allison. Sept 2012

As I read the testimonials on the Merry Clinic website, I found my story to be the same; steroid shot, steroid cream, Methylpred 4mg pak (twice)and an unlimited prescription for Hydroxy-zine. The first time I took the "pak", it disappeared for almost 3 weeks and then came back with a vengeance! My legs, arms, back, stomach, buttocks, (you get the picture) . Got a refill which barely touched it. I then started research on the internet and found the Merry Clinic. In one week on the EcDermaid capsules, I sent a e-mail to see if I should be doing more. I then adhered to the dietary suggestions and within 2 days, it began to fade... within 2 weeks, it had almost completely gone. I will continue the recommendation of 4 more weeks with a decreased amount and then will use the skin detox. I thank God for the Merry Clinic and it's products!

Mildred. Aug 2012

To all the staff at Merry Clinic, I just want to thank you for having a product that works for me. Having Eczema for me has been very painful and upsetting to me. I tried everything but nothing worked for me until one day I came across the Merry Clinic treatment web site and I order the package. In a few weeks I felt a change in my skin, my eating is better too, I don't itch like I used to, in my sleeping. Thanks again Merry Clinic.

Roopa. July 2012

I was diagnosed with psoriasis on my torso, and also with seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp which I have had for countless years. I first took PSORIAID and the psoriasis completely cleared up in about 3-4 months and it has NOT COME BACK. I then recently started taking ECDERMAID in the last couple months, and the seborrheic dermatitis along with its atrocious itchiness and scabbing is nearly gone! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I AM FINDING PERMANENT RELIEF! THANK YOU MERRY CLINIC, YOU ARE INDEED A GOD SEND!

Carmon. July 2012

I've had problems with eczema on and off for about 5 years now. I've been through SO MANY products trying to control my symptoms with no success and lately it has just been totally uncontrollable and would not stop spreading and itching! If you have had eczema you know how irritating and even depressing this can be. But anyway I was searching online and found what I had been searching for so long and thought I should give it a shot(I bought the EcDermaid). After just a little over a week of use, the itching is gone already! I would recommend these products to everyone.

Nelson. July 2012

I had eczema all winter and the doctor kept prescribing me different creams, but they didn't work. I finally started looking online for help with it and I found the Merry Clinic. I took the EcDermaid tablets and Skin Detox pills and it worked! Skin cleared up! I couldn't sleep at night, I was itching all the time!

Martha. July 2012

I have had eczema on my fingers off and on for over 30 years. Recently, for unknown reasons, it took a turn for the worse. My fingers were cracking and bleeding to the point of discomfort not to mention their appearance. I was not having much luck with the prescription steroid cream I used to use when they got bad and I didn't want to go to any stronger steroids as I always felt it was not a cure for the problem. I was slathering heavy creams and wearing gloves to bed to no avail. Finally, in desperation, I started looking on the internet for possible natural solutions and I found the Merry Clinic site. Dr. Li responded quickly to my questions and I decided to try her recommendations. I am so happy and excited to report that my eczema is virtually gone after five weeks! Thank you Dr. Li; I am so grateful for your help.

Stacey. July 2012

I was looking for a dermatitis cure for my friend. He has taken the EcDermaid formula with great results. No more constant itching and sleepless nights. He seems to tolerate foods better now. He is allergic to gluten. But his skin is now very clear and he looks younger and more relaxed. He has been on the formula for about 3 months.

Pamela. June 2012

My 14 year old son has suffered with itchy, scaly and bleeding eczema on his legs for about four years. After numerous over the counter topical products, which did not work, I went to the dermatologist. He has been on antibiotics and prescription topical several times. The symptoms would briefly go away, but would always return. He has been on the EcDermaid Supplement for about 1 1/2 months and his skin is almost completely cleared up. The itchy feeling went away within the first week and has not recurred. He no longer scratches his skin while sleeping. In addition, he has used the dead sea bath salt as well as the cream and spray. These products aid in making his skin more comfortable and less itchy. We are so thankful to finally find relief in such wonderful products. I especially appreciate that the EcDermaid supplement works by healing from the inside to get to the root of the problem. These products are well worth the price!!!

Robin from Sonoma CA. May 2012

My 10 month old daughter started an outbreak of eczema which worsened. I've tried so many things but nothing has compared to the treatment Dr.Li recommended. I'm currently following her exact routine recommended and I'm seeing great results 6 weeks into treatment and even if she's not completely healed yet but I'm seeing drastic results in her skin appearance(It was soooo bad) Her scalp and face is completely healed and her back also the only places still clearing up are her hands and feet which is almost gone. I know once we take her off that Gerber good start formula she'll do even better. Thanks Dr.Li..I'm giving every mother I come across your website Info. You are a God sent. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Lo from Hampton GA. Apr 2012

Both my children have suffered from eczema since they were born. My son is 10 and has really bad dry scally skin, my daughter is 12 and suffers from oozing exzema, cuts and constantly bleeding .I have had them on ecdermaid for 1 month and a half. My son continues to itch but his skin has dramatically gotten better, although he still itches , i continue to believe in the product only because i see the difference on his skin. My daughter almost immediately stopped itching, causing her skin to calm down and allowing healing to start. Having both my kids on this, has come out quite expensive, and very difficult to keep up with financially , but I continue to believe in it. At this point I\'d figure I have nothing to lose. I have tried everything from topical creams, steroids, antibiotics, everything. so far this seemed to be the only thing that I actually see an improvement. Just pray once I stop it does not come back. Only because I cannot have them on this forever. It\'s becoming real costly. Still skeptical with that. I also noticed an extreme change for the better on both my children after spending a day at the beach, which is now why I also purchase the dead sea salt, which I am extremely happy about. I try to do it twice a week. After the dead sea salt bath, the itching literally stops, which is the greatest relief for both them and I.

Tayira from Miami FL. Apr 2012

I have eczema for over ten years. I took many pills, Chinese medicine, and creams, and none of them worked well. I had to stay at home and rest for a quite while to make skins calm down. Around five years ago, after I gave birth to my first baby, eczema came back badly. Then I found Merry Clinic online, emailed Dr. Li and asked questions. Based on the advice, I bought eczema pills and the skin detox products on a regular basis. After about half a year, eczema was gone and my skin was very smooth. But I still kept taking pills for another one and a half year. My skin was very smooth during that time. I stopped taking merry clinic products because I was pregnant again and have to stop taking any medicine. Thanks for the first couple year\'s eczema pill provided by merry clinic, I only had small eczema symptom on my fingers during my second pregnancy. (In my first pregnancy, however, I had very bad eczema but I could not take any medicine because of the baby.)Thank you merry clinic for helping me and my baby!

Vivian from Virginia. March 2012

I received EcDermaid on Monday Feb.13.2012 today is Thursday Feb.16.2012. My hands and feet have improved 95% in just 4 days!!!! I'm so pleased. My hands were cracked and swollen, one of my nail beds was rippled and this had been going on since early December. I have seen doctors, specialists, I have tried every cream. I drank apple cider vinegar, done liver cleanses, colon cleanses, and heavy metal cleanses through all of this my condition would return, I have never had anything that took away the itch, pain and unsightly rashes like this product. I will continue to purchase this product and others. Thank you so much for the relief you have given me from this condition.

Anne from Canada. Feb 2012

I have suffered with red, itchy, and at times even oozing eczema rashes on my arms, legs, and trunk for over 3 years and have tried doctors' steroid creams and shots, but the rashes continued to surface over and over. I looked for a natural treatment for eczema and stumbled on the Merry Clinic website. After a few days, I began to notice my itching had finally subsided and I was able to sleep without any intense scratching. I was totally amazed that this worked so fast. It made perfect sense to cleanse the toxins from my body, but I was a little skeptical until I saw this amazing relief. I continued using it for about a month and the eczema cleared up, but failed to continue the Detox capsules. The eczema returned after eating the wrong foods and I am again back to the EcDermaid capsules for relief. This time, after the eczema disappears, I will be SURE to follow up with the Detox capsules to keep it from recurring! You just can't believe how fast this formula works until you try it. I have told my friends how wonderful this EcDermaid is and now there is NO reason that anyone should suffer with eczema!!! Thank you and God bless you, Dr. Li for your hard work and research in this field.

Elaine from Texas. Jan 2012

I'll get right to the point, My hands were the absolute worst about a week ago--after numerous antibiotics and steroids that did not work i found the merry clinic and started soaking my hands as Dr. Li instructed for 20 minutes a day using her herbal soak! The very 1st day I saw results-a few of my cuts closed up and although my hands are not cured all the way I can already see new skin forming and I can hold my steering wheel again and make a fist --which I could not do before using the soak--- I am waiting on my pills and I also ordered the dead sea soap---I soak for 20 min at night then put on cream and cotton gloves to sleep in and the results are nothing short of a miracle thanks Dr. Li. I'm not 100% yet but I know I will be very soon. love u!

Omi from Brooklyn, NY. Jan 2012

I've had eczema on my hands for 2-1/2 years. Nothing has helped. I have extreme dryness to the point that my skin cracks and splits open; it's like having "paper cuts" on all of my fingers. I've consulted with a dermatologist, an herbalist, a homeopath, an acupuncture physician and a naturopath. I've spent tons of money on all the products they recommended, besides all the over-the-counter products that I've purchased on my own. After two months of using Dr. Li's products (McDermaid and Detox), I've had a considerable decrease in the breaks/cuts on my skin and no longer have four or five band- aids on each hand. The extreme dryness has also decreased. My skin is getting better and better, and I'm convinced that these products are the answer. Finally, I'm starting to heal!

Jan from St. Petersburg, FL. Jan 2012

I've really bad eczema since I'm a kid and I have seen doctor who told me that even it's cure now but the symptom will still comes back. Which makes me gave up with my skin until I found Merry Clinic these past months and I tried the medicine. I have to say it really works. I had 2 bottles of the medicines and it last only 18 days and I haven't take any medicine for like almost a month and the itch got back to me.. So I'm going to continue to eat for another 2 months to see if the symptom will go away.

Iven from Seattle. Nov 2011

I was feeling so miserable and really didn't know what was happening to me, I had red dry patches by my mouth n nose areas that would itch, scale, peel, then have a burning sensation, that would constantly repeat itself over n over. I had seen doctors and once to the emergency because i just didn't know what was going on with me. Docs would only prescribe topical creams, ointments, salves, and Benadryl for the itch, saying its n outbreak, fungus, and that there is no cure, and so on...sooooo frustrating! I then decided to look online to see if there was anyone that could help me, whatya know i ran across DR.LI's website, to say the least it was the BEST thing i ever did! she makes so much sense to have to detoxify the "insides" first, almost instantly less than a week i felt so much better!!! I am still currently on the EcDermaid treatment n love it, Dr.Li thank you so much for your website and what you believe in, I totally agree, and hope that more people suffering from any skin ailments find your site, as i here in Hawaii already have tried to spread the word to a few to try your FANTASTIC natural herbal products, thank you again, words cannot express how grateful i am to have found you! Sincerely,

Donalyn from Hawaii. Nov 2011

Hi-I have had dermatitis since 1991. When I first started breaking out, my dermatologist gave me antibiotics and topical creams. I would break out about once every couple of years and then over time, my breakouts seem to become more frequent and each time, I was given antibiotics and topical creams. About a few years ago, the breakouts started to occur every couple of months until this year, as soon as I would go off the antibiotic, within a few weeks, I would break out again. I had been researching this skin disorder for years and have tried everything from aloe vera, to yogurt masks, to apple cider vinegar. Those seemed to help but I could never get the dermatitis to go away completely by using those remedies alone. I was getting to the point where I was going to give up my research on this topic, as I had run out options. A few weeks ago, I came across Dr. Li's Web site during my research and thought that I had nothing to lose by trying one more thing. So, I ordered the EcDermaid capsules and the skin detox herbs and within a week, the rash on my face was 80% better. I am near the end of week two and my face is now 90% better. This is the first time in 20 years I have ever gotten rid of the inflammation without using antibiotics. I am so convinced that by staying on these products, I may never have to worry about this condition again, I ordered the Acneed program for my teenage son. I have been giving him the detox herbs for now until his order arrives but I feel confident it will work on his acne. I will write another testimonial once I see how he does on his program. Thank you Dr. Li for your wonderful products and the time and research you have done to help all of us with these horrible skin disorders. The world needs more people like you who believe in natural remedies.    

Caron from Colorado. Oct 2011

I have had face eczema for about 2 years and I used many different things to treat my face eczema and nothing helped. Sometimes it got worse. But Merry Clinic products are working so great for me! After using the ecdermaid products and skin detox formula, my face getting better and better! Less and less itching, pimples. Now it is 58 days after i used the products. I can clearly see the difference. Thanks a lot Merry Clinic. I will keep using Merry Clinic product until my face is clear of eczema. If you have tried other ideas with no help or is looking for first thing to try, please give Merry Clinic a shot as it worked for me without a doubt!

Coco from Los Angeles, CA. Sept 2011

My daughter was diagnosed with severe Atopic Dermatitis at eighteen months old. For the past seven years she has suffered from severe redness, and itching on her arms, legs, face and neck. She had a hard time sleeping at night due to excessive itching and most mornings would wake up with her skin cracked, bleeding and weeping clear fluid. She has been treated by two different Dermatologist and Allergist and has tried several medications and topical ointments over the years. We were referred to a Pediatric Dermatologist who again prescribed more medications and ointments. We have always been told that they could only treat the symptoms and that there was no cure for her condition.  Nothing helped her and I felt so helpless that I couldn't do anything to relieve my daughter's pain. I was searching the web and found your clinic. I spoke to a reprehensive from the clinic and to Dr. Li via e-mail. Everything sounded wonderful but I have to admit that I was skeptical. My husband and I decided to give it a try. We stopped all her prescribed medications and ointments and started using what Dr. Li recommended in March 2011. Dr. Li told us that it could take up to three months for the products to work because her case was so severe. However, we seen a noticeable difference in her skin and itching in less than a week. By summer we had family and friends telling us how wonderful her skin looked and wanting to know what we were doing for her. We are truly amazed at the difference the products have made in her life. I feel blessed to have found the Merry Clinic! She tells me all the time, "Mommy feel how soft my skin is!" Her self confidence has improved and she can now wear a sleeveless shirt without feeling embarrassed.  I urge anyone to give these products a try. I believe in them, I know they work and I highly recommend them!  They were the answer to my prayers! Thank you again Dr. Li for these AMAZING products!

Angie from Celina, TN. Aug 2011

I have been suffering from atopic dermatitis for about 5 years now. I have tried so many different products over the years. I came across this web site about a month ago. It have been taking the capsules for about three weeks now and my itching is getting less severe. I usually have to sleep with ice packs on my arm to stop the itching. Last night was the first time in two months that I did not have to do this. I am ordering my my second bottle today.

Anne from Huntington Beach, CA. Aug 2011

I had a rash that last it almost 4 weeks not doctor could figure out what I had, the rash keep spreading and looking at this point very ugly as well as the itchiness!! I came across with this website and send my pic to Dr. Li she recommend me to start treatment with ezcema pil I did it and in 4 days my skin was complete clear!!! Thank you!!!

Marvis from Alamogordo, NM. July 2011

Dear Dr. Li,   It has been 3 years since my first email sent to you. I always want to write something to you but just don't have spare time. This week I just got my orders from your clinic again and made up my mind to write this email to you. I just want to say "thank you so much"! My son and me had got great benefits from your products. He used children eczema syrup3 years ago when he was just half year old. After 2 months his eczema totally gone. Since then he never had any rashes covered his cheeks. I used Ecdemaid spray if he had some small rash dot. Now he is 3.5 years old and his face is soft and very clean. I also ordered some products such as Acne cream for myself. I think I will continue using this cream as it does work on my problem.  I am so lucky to find your products and I hope your business will continue growing.

Lin from Markham, Canada. July 2011

Dear Dr Li; We are so happy to say that our 10 1/2 month old son is eczema free! We started him on Kids DermaCalm March 1 and it is now July4 and he has not had much problem with eczema for at least 6 weeks. We also used EcDermaid spray and gave Dead Sea Salt baths among other natural products. He was in pretty bad shape when we started it for him with allergies making it much worse, he was very red, very itchy, and oozing in a few spots on his cheeks. He had eczema on his face, scalp, tummy, arms and legs! We still give it to him to prevent eczema and also to boost his immune system. His allergies are about 90% better with other things we are also giving him. We are SO SO grateful, and so happy to write a success story! Thank you God! Thank you Dr Li!!

Lois from Shreve, OH. JuLY 2011

My dad has had severe eczema for years. Multiple dermatologists and multiple steroid creams later, he was still miserable. He could not even wear clothes for any length of time for years. I did some research on the internet and came across the Merry Clinic website. I ordered what the doctor recommended and a few months later....NO ECZEMA! my dad and i are both in shock! its great!!!!

Tonya from cedar hill, MO. JuLY 2011

I am completely amazed and thrilled at the results I have had for my eczema/dermatitis after using Skin Detox Formula, EcDermaid capsules and Ecdermaid Cream. I have suffered from various forms of dermatitis since childhood - especially on my hands. Tomorrow is my 61st birthday and I can honestly say my skin has never been softer and smoother - I am even seeing new pink skin where dry,leathery patches used to be. A miracle! I can finally sleep through the night without scratching! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Denise from Troy, New York. June 2011

Before Dermatitis Treatment After Dermatitis Treatment

I have been with severe seborrheic Dermatitis since I was 19. I am now 47. I have had flaking,bleeding,redness,and many other painful and ugly things happen to my face,scalp and other parts of my body. I have seen dermatologists for many years with some success. I have been on pills and some more more dangerous treatments. All with moderate results. I found Merry Clinic almost 2 years ago, and after trying the dermatitis pills, I have been about 98% clear and free of redness and bleeding flaking skin since starting EcDermaid supplements. Thank you Merry Clinic for offering relief to me.

Mike from San Fernando, CA. June 2011

Before EcDermaid I was constantly itchy. I couldn't stand it and tried everything form OTC to Rx and could never find anything that truly helped. Ointments would help temporarily, but nothing ever stopped the itchiness. It wasn't overnight, but after about 3 weeks I could tell that EcDermaid was helping. I could even eat the foods that I love, with no adverse reaction! Sold!

Michael from Las Vegas, NV. June 2011

My 9 year old grandson for years has had very bad eczema. The pediatricians and dermatologists would only provide temporary relief. I searched for an answer and came across the Merry Clinic website. I ordered the EcDermaid capsules, hand/foot cream and the body spray. He has only been using the products for two weeks but they have worked wonders. Since it is a herbal eczema treatment I feel very safe for him to use it and will continue to buy these wonderful products. He is very happy with the results and is not as embarassed with his condition. Thank You!

Sherron from Parker, CO. May 2011

I just wanted to Thank your clinic and your product so much! the body cream for Eczema is amazing! I've been using it for a week or so now, within 2 days, my skin started to heal and i saw a new skin coming out. i use this cream for my face, neck, arms, legs under armpit area... itchiness stops within a minute and feel comfortable. i have to apply it at least 4 times a day so i need to order more, but the feeling of this soothing cream is nothing i can compare to any other products i have tried. I am going to see how my skin is going to improve with EcDermaid Capsule and Skin Detox Formula from Merry Clinic for a month or so. I'm already excited about to see the result. thank you so much!

Midori, from Van Guys, CA, May, 2011

I had Eczema problems for 25 to 30 years already, many trips to dermatologists office for treatment. I used cream and long term medication (Hydroxyzine HCL) and stop eating so many foods that the doctor told me to do for help, but the results came out worse and worse. Finally, I found the product on your web site and order 3 bottles to see if it worked. After three weeks tries my Eczema condition improved 70-80% than before. I will continue to using the pills until my Eczema fully recover. I definitely recommend to anyone who suffering for Eczema can use Ecdermaid for treatment. Thank you!!!

Mark, from Chelmsford, Ma, April , 2011

I am very pleased with the Ecdermaid supplements and the spray. I was suffering for months with breakouts on my legs and arms.I went to the dermatolgists and they prescribed creams and ointments but the rash seemed to be spreading. I was very discouraged until I came across the merry clinic website. I had extreme itching with the scars oozing and hurting. I had many sleepless nights. When I received my supplements and spray, I used them immediately and had my first good nite sleep. I saw improvement within the first week. All of the itching has stopped and I am seeing the scars getting lighter. I am also using the Ecdermaid spray on my face and I am getting compliments saying that my skin looks moist and firmer. I am so pleased. I am definitely impressed with the speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

Dawn from Arizona, Mar 2011

I feel so disappointed that I seen 3 doctors including the dematologists,they give me steroid shots,pills and steriod creams to stop the itching,but it only works temporarily, I couldn\'t sleep at night,scratch all over my body,I was wondering if I have to suffering for the rest of my life like this, so I start to search if any herbs can really cure this problem, I found Merry Li\'s web site and order couple bottles of Ecdermaid capsule to try, after a week or so, I can tell the difference,I feel much relief from the scratch, another week, my scars can easily came off, my chronic red bumps are starting disappear,now 5 weeks after, the deepen color spot on my skin ( cause by the steriod cream) starting to get back to the noraml skin color, I expecting I can go back to swim and wearing shorts on this summer. Thank you for the ECDERMAID CAPSULE.

Richard from Texas, Mar 2011

Just wanted to let you know that I started using your products for my son when he was 3 months old and his eczema went away completely before he turned 1. I\'m so glad I found thsi website:) Thanks a lot. Everytime I look at a child with eczema,I give your info to the parents:)

David, from Riverside,CA, Mar 2011


Maria, from Centralia,IL, Jan 2011

After several months of dry weather and stress, I broke out in an extreme case of Atopic Dermatitis. It was very uncomfortable and was driving me crazy. I went to an Urgent Care and they gave me a steriod shot, which did nothing. After some research, I ordered EcDermaid and after 7 days, the rash is virtually gone and I feel so much better. Thank you Dr. Li - your product is wonderful:) Tina H.

Tina, from Indiana, Jan 2011


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